Simple Ebook Sales Tracking

✓ Filter by Date, Sales Channel, Book

✓ Visualize All Your Sales At Once

✓ Track Kindle Page Reads

✓ Currency Conversion

✓ Track Promotions

✓ Upload Sales Data From Kindle,
   iTunes, Google Play, Nook & Kobo

How Ebook Sales Tracker Works

When you register for an account, we’ll ask you some basic questions about each of your ebooks so our system can recognize them. Then all you need to do is upload the sales spreadsheets you’ve downloaded from the various ebook stores. That’s it! Seriously. The data from all your spreadsheets will be combined and available to view in your personalized interactive sales dashboard.

Key Features


We know you’re going to love how simple and easy it is to keep track of all your ebook sales data in one place.


Ebook Sales Tracker is programmed to accept sales reports from the various ebook stores just as they are. No more reformatting, copying/pasting etc. Duplicate sales data is automatically rejected by our system.


We use positive SSL on our entire site so you can be sure your data is safeguarded.


Currently Ebook Sales Tracker accepts spreadsheets from Amazon, Nookpress, iTunes, Google Play and Kobo. We’ll be adding support for more sales channels in the future.

Currency Conversion

Some sales channels report data in multiple currencies. We use current foreign exchange rates to automatically convert all sales data to USD so you can put away the calculator for good!

Promotion Tracking

Actively promoting your ebooks? Log the starting date and description for a promo and we’ll attach the info to your sales graph so you can see easily see which promos are working and which aren’t.

Export Data

Merged sales data summaries can be exported to XLS format for your convenience.

Top Sellers List

Not only will you have a sales graph of all your data, but your dashboard includes a list of all your books, sortable by units sold, total royalty and more.

Ready for Smarter Sales Tracking?

Go ahead and sign up for a free 30-day trial. We won’t ask for any payment information. If you like what you see during your trial, you can upgrade to a lifetime license at any time for only $39.

  • 30-Day Trial
  • FREE
  • Works with Amazon, iTunes, Nookpress, Google Play and Kobo
  • Automatic Currency Conversion
  • Promo Tracking
  • Lifetime License (includes all future updates)
  • $39
  • Works with Amazon, iTunes, Nookpress, Google Play and Kobo
  • Automatic Currency Conversion
  • Promo Tracking

Here’s what authors are saying about us

The thing I like about it is that this is a totally focused product. Writers selling ebooks on multiple platforms will find this a huge timesaver because they can track all their sales in one place. Great job!

I’ve been using Ebook Sales Tracker for a while and it’s great! I’m not well up on all things technical but it’s quite straightforward. This is a fantastic tool to track sales!